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J. Alexander Productions

United States
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Producer - Director - Sales/Marketing Executive

Professional, Driven, Creative, Focused, Results Oriented

"I credit the ARTS for providing me with the skills necessary to perform well in a versatile and ever-changing world."


Current Positions:
Sr. Director of Partnerships 
Nemours Children's Health System 

Founder, Director, Producer 
Delaware All-State Theatre

Producer, Director
J. Alexander Productions

Travel Agent
Magic Plus Travel Agency 

P.O. Box 3733
Greenville, Delaware 19807


Personal Statement

I am passionate: I work everyday to exceed the expectations of my peers, friends, and family.
I am driven: learn about different cultures, people, and food by traveling the world.
I am social-cause focused: I serve others by spending much of my free time volunteering with local and national nonprofit organizations.

Throughout my career, I have worked for non-profits and for-profits. My experience has provided me a multitude of opportunities. Over the past 35 years, I have Produced and Directed hundreds of large-scale stage shows, theatrical events, training videos, and more. I have worked in front of and behind the camera in movies, instructional programming, and commercials. I have spent years in healthcare business development, marketing, and public relations. Everyday I try to maintain a "true north" focus and attitude. Everyday I try to be the best citizen a person can be. Everyday I try to leave a legacy that would make my mom and dad proud.