My family consistently supports me throughout every step of my life. I would not be the person I am without their unwavering guidance and love.

Jeff, Anthony (brother), Nicky (brother), and Deena (sister)

Aunt Elaine, Mom, Jeff, Mary Anne (dear friend) at the Taj Mahal

Aunt Elaine, Jeff, Dad, Deena, Anthony (nephew), Ryszard (nephew), and Nicky

Ryszard, Anthony, Dad, and Dmitrik (nephew)

Marie Swajeski (mentor) and Jeff

Aunt Elaine, Aunt Pat, Uncle Franny (left side of photo), Uncle Herm, Mom, and Jeff (right side of photo)

Dmitrik, Jeff, Anthony, Ryszard, Dad, Nick, Kristina (Sister-in-Law), and Anthony

Brandon (nephew), Jeff, and Mom

Nick, Brandon, and Jeff

The Christiana Mall
Disney Store cast (Jeff - 1st row, left)

Jeff with Smee and Captain Hook