Life's Short ... Travel More!

This has been one of my life mantras as far back as I can remember.

Travel provides perspective, tolerance, acceptance, and life experience. It’s that simple. Now go do it!

Okay, it may not be as easy as that, but departing from the "norm" of the everyday grind is not that crazy either.

My dad's mom was one of the bravest women I have ever known. When she was only 14 years old she left Italy and traveled across the Atlantic to plant new roots in America. When she arrived to New York's harbor on the S.S. Duilio in 1924, the only other place she would ever visit, and eventually live the rest of her days, was Delaware. 

I always wondered why my grandmom didn't travel more. Unfortunately she passed away when I was too young to ask.

On the other side of my family, my Uncle Alex was a merchant marine and eventually became a cruise ship captain. He traveled all over the world. I remember my mom's mom (Grandmom Concetta) occasionally boarding one of his cruises. As a kid, I would be excited for her as I waved feverishly from the dock. She truly enjoyed those experiences.







My love for travel actually began when I was extremely young. My first big trip (that I remember) was in 1972 to Walt Disney World. My parents packed all of us kids up in the station wagon and we drove for two days, stopping on occasion at landmarks like SOUTH OF THE BORDER. We covered a lot of miles and experienced the greatness of a classic road trip!

From there, I was hooked! My dad always said, “we always go first-class when we are on vacation – even if it means we only take three days away from home!” And we did. We weren't rich. We were barely middle class.











But that did not stop us from exploring fun and new destinations. My dad was a musician and mom worked at home. 

As a child growing up in the 70/80's, I was lucky to have traveled most of the United States (including Canada and Mexico). It wasn't until 1994, that I was able to go a bit farther and experience first-hand life outside of North America. England was the first country I visited.

I traveled with my mom, aunts and uncles. We had a most memorable time. The “travel bug” was planted deep on that trip.  Since that time, I have visited much of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and lots of other exotic (and not so exotic) places in the world.

I realized at an early age that exploration of different cultures, people, and food would prove more beneficial in the long run. Travel makes you re-consider all of the problems you “think” you have, and instead offers perspective on how fortunate life is for many … and how life is not so great for others.

Here are some of my thoughts on life and travel:

1. Save your money (Eat out fewer times each month. Take your lunch to work. Make your own coffee. Put this money in a Travel Account).

2. Find a job you love.

3. Spend time with family and friends.

4. And travel as much as you can.

These life lessons have worked well for me. Maybe they will work for you too!

I have traveled to over 100 countries on six continents. Some of my favorite destinations include: Italy, Ireland, Norway, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Spain, Canada, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and France.

Sydney Harbor, Australia, 2013

New Dehli, India, 2005

Norwegian Sea (somewhere between Bergen and North Cape), Norway, 2015

Moscow, Russia, 2008

The Great Barrier Reef, 2013

Christmas Markets, Europe, 2018

South Africa, 2015

Walt Disney World with
Winnie The Pooh

Scotland, 2014

San Gimignano, Italy, 2016

Italy, 2018